Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A New Adventure in Houston

We've been in Houston for more than one month now. We moved from Paris due to my husband's job. Life has been good so far. There is a huge contrast between Paris and Houston.

People seem to be friendlier here than in Paris and probably service is better here as well. The surroundings are cleaner even though I see a lot of dogs around. Also, for the same rent that we paid in Paris, our current apartment is almost three times bigger. Bye bye 50 square meter in Paris!!

Of course, we still need to adjust to the American food, which is too greasy and too sweet for us. We still have to find a French baker who can supply us with good croissants and p√Ętisseries. Looking at the good side, this forces us to cook at home more often. Especially since we have three big grocery stores nearby (organic and non-organic stores).

I will probably do a lot of experiments in the kitchen given that I can't find easily the food that I like to eat. I'll post the results in this blog.

That's it for now :).

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