Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Cards

This year, I sent handmade Christmas cards to family members. It was a fun process but I love less the part where I had to rearrange every single thing to my cupboard. Yeah, living in downtown Paris does not give you much space to live, unless you really have deep pockets :(.

Here are some of my cards:

Snowman Card with Paper Christmas Wreath

Stamped Hedgehogs Image Card

Card with Die-Cut Pieces and A Snowflake Stamped Image

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Tea @ La Galerie des Gobelins

La Galerie des Gobelins is a restaurant/tea lounge located in the Plaza Athénée Hotel in Paris. I went there a few weeks before to have a tea. Desserts in this hotel are made by Christophe Michalak, a famous pastry chef in France.

The place is nicely decorated with crystal chandeliers and classic furniture. You can ask to be seated inside or at the terrace (if weather permits).
The Salon de Thé

A window overlooking the terrace
If you decide to go there to try the desserts, tea time starts at 3 pm. You can pick one dessert (or more) from the dessert charriot, brought to your seat by the waiter/waitress.

As for me, I chose a cream-based grey spiky cake, stuffed with figue jam and covered by meringue. I also ordered a pot of tea, which comes with two teacakes. The tea is enough for two people.

The dessert is around 16 euro a piece. You also have a choice of à la carte desserts which probably cost the same amount.

While my cake is meticulously and nicely decorated, I don't find the taste to be extraordinary. I probably picked a dessert not to my liking. I would probably come back for another dessert, but for 16 Euros a pop, I won't come there so often.